Battle Rage: The Robot Wars

Battle Rage: The Robot Wars
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Developed by: Destan Ent.
Release Date: TBA 2009
Genre:First Person Shooter

It all begun in 2036 with invention of The Drive. After nearly a century the humanity turned it’s eyes at the stars again. First the Moon and then Mars, so unwelcoming and mysterious, had to submit to mankind’s expansion. Space became swarmed with shiny hulls of ships. Cosmos turned into an obsession. It was an everyman’s dream to witness, at least once, extraterrestrial wonders. Whether it was the surface of the Silver Globe bruised with craters, or for many years intriguing, “human face” – Cydonia. The governments were competing with propaganda, promising the volunteers piles of gold and the glory of conquerors. Those who believed them, mostly found tough, dangerous life and uncertain fate. However, they wouldn’t back off.


Battle Rage : The Robot Wars PC trailer


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