Reservoir Dogs (RiP & Unleashed)

Reservoir Dogs (RiP & Unleashed)
{"Use as backup purpose only"}

Published by: Eidos Interactive
Developed by: Volatile Games
Release Date: October 24, 2006
Genre: Action

This game was banned in Australia. It has a lot of fun and should have been rated higher.

Based on the Quentin Tarantino flick, game remains faithful to the original movie, with gamers able to play all the key characters, including the infamous Mr Blonde. Staying true to the original plot, this intense, third person shooter follows the progress and planning of the famed diamond heist while filling in some of the cliffhanger questions from the film: What happened to Mr. Blue and Mr. Brown? Where did Mr. Pink hide the diamonds? What actually happened at the heist? These questions and more will be answered as the game unfolds and according to the player’s tactics. The game also features the full and original soundtrack from the movie – those super sounds of the seventies.


Reservoir Dogs: Game Trailer #2


screen 1

screen 2

screen 3

screen 4

Download Link(s):

RiP: Movies, Music, Speech (subs available)

This is a RePack of a TECHNiC release. It features an easy install, with shortcuts to desktop & start-menu. Also an un-install is added. This 268 Mb's eXtracts to 3 GB
Reservoir Dogs *FOREIGN LANGUAGES ADDON* - TECHNiC is included in this repack!
Available languages are : English, French, Italian & spanish.



1. Unpack the release with WinRAR or equivalent
2. Burn in a120, burn with rmps checked, install DT4 with vdrives disabled, and enable rmps emulation in DT4. Alternative option is mounting the image with Daemon-Tools, use Prot.Stop to hide virtual devices and Securom loader to start game, make sure to point the loader on ResDogs.exe and not Reservoir Dogs.exe
3. Install
4. Play

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