Act of War: Direct Action

Act of War: Direct Action

Act of War has everything that you want in a military-themed real-time strategy game, from excellent visuals to even better gameplay.

In Act of War, you assume the role of Major Jason Richter, the commander of Task Force Talon, an elite direct action force equipped with state-of-art weaponry and tasked with conducting the toughest jobs. From the get-go, your team will assault a terrorist training camp in the desert, and then battle around London in a running gunfight that shows off the game's excellent urban settings. Blended in the opening levels are a mix of live action, computer-generated, and in-engine cutscenes that enhance what's onscreen. While the acting isn't on par with what is found in motion pictures or television (it's also downright bad at times), the live action scenes are impressive, especially since we've rarely seen anything of this scale in gaming. For example, one of the highlights is watching a street protest erupt into a gun battle, with commandos and bodyguards taking fire from behind armored limousines. There are very little blue-screen effects in that scene, as most of it was shot outside with a large number of actors and extras.


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