Brigade 7.62: High Calibre - FLT

Brigade 7.62 High Calibre FLT
Brigade 7.62: High Calibre - FLT

Famous Russian «entrepreneur» stole a large sum of money from their «colleagues» and escaped in a small Latin American country called Algeyra. It was declared a hunting. You are - a professional, which hired to capture the fugitive. This is not an easy task. In Algeyre complex political situation. The current Government dictator General Alvaro Defense troops confronted the rebels under the leadership of Tanya Tormens. In the search for the main character to make a choice in the uprising in the conflict, to collect the squad of mercenaries, and to travel the country, performing various tasks. To defeat the enemy in numerous battles player will help more than 170 samples of firearms and bladed weapons.


* Continuation of Brigade E5, the best strategy game according to Gameland Award 2005, "The best computer games", "Gameland" and "Game World Navigator" magazines.
* SPM (Smart Pause) battle system combines RTS dynamics with diverse opportunities turn-based games.
* More than 150 accurately modeled firearms with possibility of upgrading.
* A variety of ammunition, as well as an extensive list of equipment.
* Non-linear storyline gives you the ability to make you have a choice - to achieve one of several endings
* Over 30 mercenaries.
* Upgraded graphics engine.


Brigade 7.62 High Calibre FLT

Brigade 7.62 High Calibre FLT

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