Military History: Commander Europe At War - FLT

Military History Commander Europe At War-FLT
Military History: Commander Europe At War - FLT

CEAW lets you command the entire Allied or Axis forces in the European Theatre of War between 1939 and 1945. Your ultimate objective is to gain control of more European capitals than the enemy when the game thunders to an end in 1945 (or, if you so choose in the pre-game options, keep plugging away until one side or the other is reduced to a smouldering heap).

Conquered enemy capitals count for more than just holding on to your own. So, simply put, you'll spend all your time defending your cities while trying to manouevre around (or through) the enemy to get theirs. It's a "high-level" game, which means that each unit on the map represents a huge number of men and/or machinery. You're not going to be nudging individual soldiers across bridges, but rather commanding several hundred thousand soldiers to take Moscow, all with a few clicks of the mouse. For the more militarily savvy among you, you'll be conducting corps level operations.

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Serial: 9754-1697-7270-3883

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