Neverwinter Nights: Platinum + Crack + Serial

Neverwinter Nights: Platinum + Crack + Serial

Neverwinter Nights is a turn-based, third-person rpg game, produced by BioWare in 1999.

In June of 2003 they released Shadows of Undertide. An expansion that adds 5 prestige classes, 16 new creatures (two of them available as additional familiars), 3 new tilesets, and over 30 new feats and 50 new spells, as well as additional scripting abilities for those who use the Aurora toolkit. They released another expansion in December of 2003. This expansion expands the level-cap to level 40 (epic levels), and adds a number of spells and items appropriate to such characters, as well as adding further tilesets, prestige classes, feats, and abilities, and compatibility with the Intel Pentium 4 Processor, which was unsupported in previous versions. Both of these expansions are in Platinum.

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