Knights of The Old Republic (1M Edition – Aydrian)

Knights of The Old Republic (1M Edition – Aydrian) Image
Knights of The Old Republic (1M Edition – Aydrian)

The role-playing game from veteran developers Bioware is set in the Star Wars universe, but some 4,000 years before the events of the movies. Players get to use a lightsaber or two, train as a Jedi Knight and choose which path of The Force they want to follow: the honorable Light Side or the passionate Dark Side


* Already cracked and patched so you don't have to do it!
* Installs a "Mod Pack" folder to the directory which contains 30+ Mods to enhance your gaming experience.
* Fits perfectly on a DVD and doesn't ask for separate CD's.
* Installs twice as fast as the original installer.
* Well to narrow it down a bit: New robes, armor, clothing, dialogue, romances, characters, force powers, level progression etc.

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Password: Warez-bb

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Kyle said...

I keep getting an "error 1334" it says something about a file not being able to be found in CAB~1 and to check to the folder. If anyone can help me with this my email is below "" and would be much appreciated.

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